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Los Angeles Attractions

Hollywood Sign

The Getty
This is one of the most visited attractions in Los Angeles every year. In a city where most things cost an arm and a leg, The Getty stands out for its free admission. Once inside, visitors can enjoy artwork ranging from the medieval to the modern. The collection of Impressionist paintings is the highlight, but there is more than enough artwork here to satisfy lovers of every style of art. The Getty also has an amazing garden designed by Robert Irwin that is a copyrighted work of art in its own right. There is also an amazing sculpture garden, many children's programs and delicious cafes.

Venice Beach
This is one of the most iconic areas of the city. No tourist should visit Los Angeles without going for a stroll along Venice Beach. The area is known for its street performers of all kinds. Fortune tellers, strong men, musicians and vendors all line this colorful stretch of boardwalk. Most of the buildings that line Venice Beach are painted with beautiful murals. The combination of people, the ocean, and the artwork means that everywhere visitors look they will see something entertaining.

Universal Studios
This is always one of the most popular attractions in Los Angeles. Universal Studios has been offering visitors tours since 1964, and they make constant improvements to make it exciting. The highlight of a visit to Universal Studios is the hour-long studio tour via tram. This tour is a great look at the behind the scenes world of filmmaking. There is also a theme park with a lot of great movie-themed rides. Outside Universal Studios is Universal Studios Citywalk, which is full of street performers, restaurants, clubs and bars.

Grauman's Chinese Theatre
Located in Hollywood, this iconic theatre is one of the most famous places in the world to see a movie. The real highlight of a visit here is the Hollywood Walk of Fame that has more than 2,000 stars of famous entertainers. Tourists love to find their favorite stars' Hollywood Stars, taking a picture to prove they were there.

Hollywood Sign
Most tourists will get a picture of the sign while they are in Los Angeles, but most visitors are unaware that they can actually hike up to the sign. Just be sure to not touch the sign as doing so will land violators in jail.

Rodeo Drive
Many visitors to Hollywood like to get a map of celebrity homes to try and catch a glimpse of movie stars. A much easier way to see the stars is to simply go for a stroll along Rodeo Drive. This is the premier shopping district in Beverly Hills, and visitors are sure to see more than a few celerity shoppers out and about here.