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Facts About Los Angeles

Los Angeles Facts

El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles is the long version of the name of what is, arguably, America's most famous city: Los Angeles. Little did those who named the quaint Spanish town in the late 18th century know it would become the sprawling metropolis it is today that would be called home by the country's brightest stars.

"The House of the Queen of The Angels" and its surrounds now houses far more than the Mission San Gabriel Arcangel, which was the first mission built in the area and which dates back to 1771. Today, tourists flock to the city to take pictures of the Hollywood sign from vantage points on Beachwood Drive, to lazily stroll down the Venice Beach walkways while giving dogs on skateboards the right of way and to marvel at all the bright and shiny - and expensive - things on display at the Rodeo Drive boutiques.

Los Angeles is far more than just a collection of buildings lying around Tinseltown, however, and the city doesn't place in the top five on lists of the richest and the most influential cities in the world for nothing. Used to pleasing a population of almost 4-million, this jewel of the Californian coast has something for everyone, and the sparkling city with its backdrop of the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains entices and enchants all who visit by offering them prizes like The Getty Center, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and The Griffith Park Observatory.

From Burbank to Silverlake and from West Hollywood to Pasadena and Culver City, Los Angeles is known for its cosmopolitan conglomeration of inhabitants that are responsible for giving the city it's unique international flair. No trip to L.A. would be complete without visiting Koreatown, Little Tokyo or Historic Filipinotown and soaking up the city's diverse cultures. Dining out on the town is also a delight, and the range of cuisine the city has to offer - from Russian to South African and from Cuban to German - is truly amazing.

Los Angeles is huge, and, where New York is compact, Angeltown spreads itself out over miles of Californian countryside. Its beaches, including Santa Monica and Malibu, are legendary, its canyons are gorgeous - especially laid-back Topanga - and its valleys, the most famous being the part-residential and part-commercial San Fernando, sprawl in the sun. Offering swimming in the summer and skiing in the winter as well as a plethora of year-round sports, this stunning city can truly please everyone.

Los Angeles might be acknowledged the world over as the capital of the film industry, but the city has much more than celluloid and marble stars on Hollywood Boulevard to offer its visitors.