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Los Angeles Information

Los Angeles Information With just under four million residents, Los Angeles is the largest city in the state of California. It covers more than four hundred and sixty square miles and is home to some of the best restaurants, art galleries, shopping centers and theatre districts in the United States. Historically acclaimed for its motion picture industry, finance industry and thriving tourism business, LA draws in hundreds of thousands of visitors each month.

The city of Los Angeles is an international contender for business, commerce, fashion, sports and cultural arts. It has also been recognized as one of the most culturally-diverse cities in the United States. Los Angeles rests at the bottom of both the San Fernando Valley and the Santa Monica Mountains. It also has miles of shoreline right on the Pacific Ocean. The diverse topography and geological options appeal to people who love the outdoors. Surfing, mountain climbing, hiking, trail riding and sailing are all activity options that are available in the city on a regular basis.

A Mediterranean sub-tropical climate is one of the city's biggest boasting features. The desirable climate alone attracts tourists and visitors to the city on a regular basis. Whether a person is up for dining on patios of some of the most famous restaurants in the country, or whether a person wants to walk the beach or climb a mountain, visiting Los Angeles provides something for people of all preferences to get excited about.

Among some of the most popular tourist sites in the city, Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Kodak Museum, the Hollywood Sign, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art attract large numbers of people on a daily basis. People who love to visit the metropolitan area of the city to explore the fantastic shopping and dining facilities will be amazed at the elite goods for sale and the internationally-acclaimed restaurants.

Award-winning cafes, bistros and restaurants provide a unique and complete exploration for dining enthusiasts. Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Angel's Flight, Griffith Observatory, Hollywood Bowl and L.A. Live are just a few of the eccentric, unique and popular destinations that provide hours upon hours of entertainment for people who are in the city.

Visiting L.A. can fill a weekend or an entire month with a full agenda of activities, dining, shopping, and exploring the beautiful countryside, mountains and beaches surrounding the city. With more than five hundred square miles spread out over California's beautiful coastline, Los Angeles continues to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States.