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Memphis Attractions

Memphis Attractions The mid south of the United States is an important region of the country for a variety of reasons. The area is defined by its relationship with the Mississippi River, and it has been influenced by the travel and trade that the river has enabled. There are many wonderful places to visit within this region, but the most important and representative city of the mid south is Memphis, Tennessee. The city sits on the banks of the Mississippi River, and it is well-known for its rich musical and cultural history. Since the city is so significant, it attracts large numbers of visitors each year to see the many attractions in Memphis, TN.

One of the most popular attractions in Memphis, TN is the city's annual Memphis in May event. This major event runs throughout the month of May every year, and it is kicked off by the popular Beale Street Music Festival, which runs for three days at the beginning of the month. Memphis in May also features a world-famous barbecue competition, International Week – a week of publicity and events related to a specific, pre determined country – and Sunset Symphony, which is a free or low-cost evening of classical music that usually takes place during the last Saturday evening in May.

Music fans who are unable to visit Memphis during the month of May can still fill their ears with wonderful tunes by visiting Beale Street during any time of the year. Beale Street, which is a national historical landmark, is the city's epicenter for music and musical performances from street musicians as well as artists performing in the many bars and clubs that line the street. While enjoying this area, visitors are encouraged to stop by Sam Phillips' Sun Studio. Sun Studio is where a number of classic hits by legendary country and early rock artists were recorded, and it is open to the public for tours.

Some visitors to Memphis might enjoy its quieter attractions. Fortunately, the city is full of a wide range of galleries and museums to satisfy those who are interested in the fine arts. From the Brooks Museum of Art to the Pink Palace, Memphis boasts a number of attractions to benefit the cultural enjoyment of its residents and visitors. Of course, the most famous museum in the city is Graceland, which is the former home of singer Elvis Presley.

Memphis is an important city of the mid south region of the United States, and it features a number of unique, fascinating and fun attractions. Whether visitors are interested in music, food, art or anything else, the city has something to offer anyone. Attractions in Memphis, TN are widely varied, and most people leave the city hoping to return so they can experience more of what Memphis has to offer.