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Bonnaroo Manchester, Tennessee is a sleepy town in the south-central portion of the state. It has a population of just over 10,000 residents, many of whom work locally in the government offices of Coffee County. The area transforms in an incredible fashion every summer, however, for the world-famous Bonnaroo festival. Bonnaroo Manchester, TN is one of the most popular music and entertainment festivals in the world, and people come from everywhere to descend upon the quiet town for four days of music and fun each summer.

The first Bonnaroo Manchester, TN event took place during the summer of 2002. No traditional advertising was done for the event, but it managed to sell out of its tickets within two weeks of putting them on sale. The event's organizers knew that they were taking a risk by choosing not to advertise through the traditional media, but they knew that the power of the Internet and the word-of-mouth advertising generated by the buzz surrounding the event's musical lineup would reach music fans. This unique advertising technique combined with the disparate lineup of musical acts at the inaugural Bonnaroo festival helped to cement the festival's status as a top draw, and Bonnaroo has continued to grow ever since.

Though the Bonnaroo festival has had a history of focusing on jam bands and purveyors of the folk-rock sound, it has always supplemented these artists with musical acts from a wide range of genres and styles. In fact, the festival lineup has grown more diverse with each passing year. Artists from the worlds of metal and hip hop have played at the festival along with comedians and traditional jazz players. There is no genre or style of music that is left off of the lineup at Bonnaroo. This amazing diversity is what makes Bonnaroo Manchester, TN unique, and it is also what keeps fans coming back year after year.

While at the festival, many attendees choose to camp on site. The festival offers a large camping area that is separated from the performance spaces, but it is also within walking distance of the various stages. Although the camping areas are not the main attraction for the festival, people who come to Bonnaroo love the people-watching and socializing opportunities they get to experience while staying on the festival's grounds for four days. A strong sense of community can be found there, and many new friends are made each year.

Bonnaroo Manchester, TN is one of the most important events on the music calendar each year, and the festival will probably continue for many more years. People from all over the planet love the festival and its musical acts, and Bonnaroo has set a new standard for excellence at large festivals. Manchester, Tennessee may not seem like the most likely place for such a festival, but the city is proud to host Bonnaroo, and Bonnaroo is proud to be a part of Manchester.