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Facts About Manchester

Facts About Carlsbad Nestled comfortably between Nashville and Chattanooga is the quaint city of Manchester, Tennessee. Part of Coffee County, Manchester is a fast growing city full of activities and charm and certainly is a destination of choice. With its beautiful, mellow and natural scenery and clean air, this city is literally a breath of fresh air in comparison to the hustle and bustle and pollution of metropolitan areas.

In addition to the relaxation of simpler life, there is also Old Stone Fort. Old Stone Fort is a Native American built structure estimated to date back to between 80 and 550 A.D. It is the most fortified hill-top structure in the South and is believed to have been constructed for ceremonial purposes. You can go for a hike on Enclosure Wall Trail which follows the inside of the ceremonial mound for approximately 1.25 miles. The trail is for hikers of any skill level and can be traversed year round. Old Stone Fort State Archeological Park is a must if fascinated by American history.

To get a taste of Manchester's history is the Arrowheads/Aerospace Cultural Center. Here, visitors can view replicas of pioneer and colonial era buildings or authentic Native American artifacts. Guests can learn of the history and development of Manchester as well as its surrounding areas.

If in Manchester during June, then be prepared for Bonnaroo Music Festival. The 2012 Bonnaroo Festival featured 184 musicians and bands on a 700 acre farm. The four day event causes the population of Manchester to grow from an estimated 22,301 to over 100,000 in a matter of days. The festival has camping, vendors and a surrounding breathtaking view of one of Tennessee's finest landscapes. To many advent music festival veterans, Bonnaroo is plenty of reason enough to travel to this lovely city as it is considered to be the best festival to attend in the country.

An attraction for a more refined taste in Manchester is the Beans Creek Winery. Visitors can enjoy a free wine tasting and take a guided tour of the winery. Beans Creek offers events such as Free Music on the Lawn. Free Music on the Lawn is a free music venue that features local bands and talents.

For the avid golfer, Manchester offers the Willowbrook Golf Course. This highly rated, Jerry Lemons Championship Golf Course features 18 holes tailored for golfers of all different skill levels. This course features 6 ponds and 52 bunkers on the course as well as a a full service restaurant and bar in the clubhouse.

Manchester is truly a unique place which has many things to offer. This quaint city is full of various attractions so there is something for everyone- whether historians, hikers, music festival attendees, wine tasters or golfers.