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Chicago Information

Chicago Originally founded in 1833 as an escape from the hustle and bustle of New York City and Boston, the city of Chicago has grown into one of the world's largest hubs for culture, fine dining and entertainment of all kinds over the past 180 years. Located on the eastern edge of mighty Lake Michigan, the city has steadily grown outward from the water and now encompasses an area that is slightly over 234 square miles.

Chicago ranks third behind New York City and San Francisco as the most populated cities in the nation, and with a large population comes a bevy of recreational opportunities. Chicago is known for many things, including its large selection of 5-star restaurants. Establishments such as Lou Mitchell's Steakhouse, Alinea and the Frontera Grill have built worldwide reputations as being some of the best places to spend and evening enjoying a meal in all of the world. Folks that are not interested spending large sums of money on food also have a bevy of options, and Chicago has literally hundreds of locales that serve up delicious favorites such as hot dogs and pizza with a distinctively Chicago twist.

Chicago is also home to a bevy of successful and lovable professional sports teams. As a result of having two baseball teams, one basketball team, one football team, one hockey team and one soccer team, live sports can be seen in Chicago every single day of the year. The NFL's Chicago Bears and the NBA's Chicago Bulls are especially popular tickets, and each play in large stadiums that are filled with modern amenities. Chicago is also home to a number of colleges, which makes it a magnet city for people from all over North America, and the constant flow of new blood constantly refuels the area's diversity and charm.

Some of the most popular tourist attractions include the Willis Tower and the famous Art Institute of Chicago. The Willis Tower features an easily-accessible Skydeck, which gives visitors a 360-degree view of the city and surrounding area from the 103rd floor. It is an enthralling and very memorable experience, and there are plenty of bars and railings to cling onto for the faint of heart. Naturally, the Willis Tower Skydeck provides some of the most amazing photo opportunities in the entire city.

The Art Institute of Chicago houses one of the most extensive and diverse collections of art from all over the globe, including works of great Impressionists and Post-Impressionists such as Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh. The sprawling area is located in the heart of the city just steps from Buckingham Fountain and the shores of Lake Michigan.