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New Orleans Attractions

new orleans attraction New Orleans roots go back to French and Spanish rule before the U.S. finally got the city in the Louisiana Purchase. The exciting French Quarter is the area that is seen most often on postcards. There are bars, restaurants, museums, and interesting shops. It is easy just to stay in this area and feel like you've seen everything that New Orleans has to offer. Down by the riverfront, you'll find the classic courthouse, which seems a bit like Cinderella's castle rising over historic Jackson Square. Toward the middle, Bourbon Street is alive with the sound of jazz, blues and booze. On the other defining end, you will find Canal Street.

In the Central Business District, you can visit the Contemporary Arts Center, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art and the National D-Day Museum. The now-infamous Superdome, high rise hotels and several arts districts are there as well.

The St. Charles trolley runs through Uptown's Garden District where New Orleans boasts many well-known gourmet restaurants and a myriad of antique shops. In Mid-City, it's worth a trolley trip to the New Orleans Museum of Art in City Park. The area is also home to several graveyards (see below) and the New Orleans Botanical Gardens.

While in New Orleans, it is important to take a guided tour of one of the old cemeteries in Uptown, Tremé, and/or Mid-City areas. You need a guide or a large group to ensure your safety while you are enjoying the amazing old graveyards with their special raised graves, little mausoleums and lovely sculptures.

New Orleans has flavors that are truly unique. You can revel in Creole, Cajun or a whole host of original restaurants serving Southern, seafood, gourmet and ethnic delights. New Orleans is awash with unique eateries, coffee houses and bars. Even for good meals, New Orleans doesn't have to cost a bundle. You can stroll the streets, enjoy numerous architectural gems, watch the people, sit for hours by the ever-changing Mississippi River, and take an inexpensive trolley to see the sights.

Tourists should stay alert, watching the streets for a parade and the parks for free concerts. Everyone should experience authentic jazz, and fortunately New Orleans offers a range of prices and jazz styles. Everyone can experience the Great Mississippi either by taking a Riverboat cruise with live jazz or by riding round-trip on the inexpensive Algiers ferry. Even if it's not Mardi Gras, tourists can still find its flavor at Mardi Gras World in the Central Business District. The World is where the floats are actually put together. There are sculptured props and giant figures that are unforgettable.