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Atlanta Information

Atlanta The capital and largest city in the state of Georgia, Atlanta is one of the most economically diverse metropolitan areas in the nation. Originating as a small railroad depot in the 1840s, Atlanta has grown by leaps and bounds, keeping pace with Miami as the largest metropolis in the South. With a gross domestic product in excess of $270 billion, Atlanta has not only survived national recessions, it has continued to boost its local economy. The city is also a major tourist draw and serves as the jumping-off point to many other destinations in the southern United States.

Atlanta grew from a railway intersection into a sizeable community prior to the American Civil War. The city was literally burned to the ground during the War Between the States, but rose from the ashes and became the state capital in 1868. Because of the intricate network of railroads crisscrossing the region, Atlanta quickly became the center of commerce for the region. The pleasant climate of the area invited many to try their hand at establishing large plantations and cotton fields, and soon Atlanta was the headquarters for the shipment of raw textiles material, fruits and vegetables to the rest of the nation. In the 1960s, Atlanta became a focal point of the Civil Rights Movement, and an amazing transformation took place in and around the city as desegregation served to completely redesign the cityscape. Today, residents of Atlanta enjoy an extremely diversified industrial core, a high standard of living, and some of the finest dining and entertainment in the country.

Attractions And Sightseeing
Atlanta is home to the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Site, where visitors can view both the childhood home and tomb of the famous civil rights leader. The Civil War Museum with its spectaculr cyclorama attracts thousands of visitors annually. The Atlanta Botanical Garden is one of the finest attractions in the entire region and includes the amazing Kendeda Canopy Walk. In Grant Park, visitors will be treated to the world's largest collection of gorillas and orangutans at Zoo Atlanta. The city is also well-represented in the area of professional sports. The Atlanta Braves of baseball's National League, the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA, and the Atlanta Falcons of the NFL consistently sell out their respective home venues.

Geography And Climate
Atlanta enjoys a mild, humid subtropical climate, and the city's elevation of 1,050 ft. above sea level means slightly cooler temperatures than many other areas in the South. Summer highs exceeding 100° Fahrenheit are extremely rare, and winter temperatures generally range between 50°-60°F. The city sits astride the Eastern Continental Divide, with rainwater runoff to the east of the city making its way to the Atlantic Ocean, and rainfall on the west side eventually running downhill to the Gulf of Mexico.

Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is one of the world's busiest and serves as the major hub for Delta Airlines. Atlanta has nonstop service to most major metropolitan areas in North America, South America, Europe and the Caribbean. The city's MARTA public transportation is one of the most extensive in the country and includes both surface street buses and high-speed light rail.