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Facts About Montreal

Montreal Montreal, Quebec has facts that set it apart from any other city in the world. The interesting part of learning about Montreal is that there are so many diverse things to learn. The city doesn't just have one defining characteristic that makes it unique; several traits combine to give Montreal the culture it has. Knowing some basic facts about Montreal can help you to have a better stay there if you ever visit. Montreal facts are interesting to learn about due to the complex implications they possess.

Did you know that Montreal is the largest French-speaking city in the world behind Paris? The size is recorded both by area and by population. That means that no other city in France has as many French speakers as Montreal. If you're considering staying in Montreal for any extended period of time, you should probably learn some basic French if at all possible. The people there do speak fluent English, but learning French will open up their culture more to you.

If you've ever had maple syrup to eat with your food, you should be aware of where it comes from. It's estimated that over 85 percent of every gallon of maple syrup in the entire world comes from Quebec, the province which Montreal is located in. Montreal has many maple syrup-making companies located within the city. The residents there are so lucky that thy get to taste the sweet goodness fresh out of the factory whenever they want.

Do you know who Frederick Law Olmstead was? He designed Central Park in New York City, New York. Many people are unaware that he also designed Mount Royal Park in Montreal. The city was built in a chain of mountains, most notably Mount Royal. Montreal is actually French for "the Royal Mountain" or "Mount Royal." Olmstead's design is very reminiscent of Central Park, and the similarities between the two will be apparent for any visitor who has been to both.

The Underground City in Montreal covers 18 miles of shopping malls. You'll never be able to see everything in the Underground City, so don't be disappointed when you have to leave. Only people who have lived in Montreal their entire lives can see everything that the Underground City has. You can find a unique culture of people that spend time down there. You might even find something nice to buy as a souvenir if you decide to visit.

Montreal is a fascinating place full of distinctive features. People who visit once usually come back again. Don't bother trying to find another city like it in the world, because the chances of that are slim to none. Enjoy Montreal for what it is and everything it can offer you.