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Welcome to the Festival Hotel Network Page for Music Category of Festivals. Festival Hotel Network offers hotel near each of the sporting events that are listed below in our list, and in our map. Use our map to find where each event is held and also to get a better idea of what is around the area for each Music Festival. Also View our featured Music festivals.

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Beale Street Music Festival

Hotel NameMemphis, Tennessee is one of the most culturally-significant cities in the American south, and it is especially notable for its rich, musical heritage. The city has been home to some of the most important musicians and songwriters in history, and it continues this wonderful heritage today by offering a home to some of the top artists of today's music scene... learn more

Coachella Festival

Hotel NameThe Coachella Music And Arts Festival is an annual event that centers mainly around live musical performances. It was first held in 1999 on the grounds of the Empire Polo Club located in Indio, California. The event is organized by professional music producers and has attracted some of the most popular bands across all genres since the very first show.... learn more

Essence Festival

Hotel NameOf all the concerts, galas, and festivals held each year in New Orleans, the Essence Music Festival might be the premiere "party with a purpose". Organized over Fourth of July weekend, Essence Fest, as it is often referred to by fair-goers, commemorates African American music and culture with live musical performances, lifestyle panel discussions... learn more

Elvis Week

Hotel NameMemphis is not about to let the world forget it was, and will remain, the home of Elvis Presley, and each year since his death they have set aside a whole week to celebrate their favorite son. Occurring during the week surrounding the anniversary of his death, August 16, 1977, the lineup for the concerts, contests and sporting events is announced each January... learn more

New Orleans Jazz Festival

Hotel NameFor seven days each spring, nearly a half million lovers of music, food, and a good time descend upon the Fair Grounds Race Track in New Orleans for what the locals call "Jazz Fest." The moniker is a bit misleading, however. While New Orleans may be the birthplace of jazz, other music genres also play significant roles in the region's rich musical legacy. The Jazz and Heritage Festival, as it's officially known... learn more


Hotel NameSeptemberFest is a huge festival held every year in Omaha, Nebraska. The festival, which has taken place the past 34 years, has a lot of entertainment options for attendees. There are a lot of bands, a parade, and several events for kids. There is also a wide variety of food present and even local artists performing. Admission to the entertainment tent is free, which makes SeptemberFest... learn more

Chicago Jazz Festival

Hotel NameAfter the death of the famous jazz composer Duke Ellington in 1974, Chicago musicians gathered around Grant Park to celebrate the loss of a genius and to pay homage to jazz music. The festival drew huge crowds of music lovers and turned out to be a complete success. Four years latter, in 1978, musicians held the John Coltrane Memorial Concert in Grant Park which also turned into a huge... learn more

Boston Blues Festival

Hotel NameBoston is not generally considered to be a blues-based city in terms of its musical heritage. The city is probably more well-known for its amazing classical groups and musicians, or for some of the rock bands that have emerged over the years. Boston certainly has a rich musical culture, however, and its annual blues festival is one of the most highly-attended in the nation. It takes place during the warmth... learn more