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Sonar Festival

Sonar FestivalThe Sonar Festival has become one of the most well-known music festivals in Europe. Held in Barcelona, this summer time techno festival holds the city captive for three days and two nights every June. Featuring cutting edge artists in genres such as electro, house, IDM and hip-hop, the Sonar Festival is the perfect hang out for any lover of electronic music.

The festival breaks itself up into Sonar by Day and Sonar by Night. Purchasing a pass allows access to both parts of the festival. Sonar by Day is located in the heart of Barcelona's Old Towne close to La Ramblas. The friendly people and relaxed atmosphere makes this a wonderful day time excursion. The festivities kick off around midday and wrap up at 10 p.m. Along with fantastic music venues, other attractions include news art media, record fairs and technology demos.

Sonar by Night presents a wide variety of thumping dance music beginning later in the evening and runs well into the early hours of the next morning. The entertainment includes concerts in four different areas going on simultaneously in a 10,000 square foot hangar. The beat lasts all night long for those who enjoy late night revelry.

Sonar by Day is more low key and less intense than the high energy, pulsating Sonar by Night party scene. Also, because it is located within the city, Sonar by Day is easier to access than Sonar by Night. There are few options to get you to Sonar by Night and one should keep in mind there are thousands of people all trying to return to their beds after this all-night party. This may make traveling to and from Sonar by Night a little challenging. Because of the limited availability of taxis and buses, the cheapest and most convenient way to travel is to take the train.

Since 80,000 people attend the Sonar Festival annually, sleeping accommodations are next to impossible to find the week of the festival unless they are booked well in advance. However, the good new is Barcelona has hundreds of hotels to choose from. If bedding down under the stars sounds exciting, then bring your sleeping bag and camp on the beach.

If a rowdy, all night scene does not sound appealing, there are many local attractions going on within the city itself. Many of the clubs in town bring in special music to attract festival goers into their own party. The streets of the town will be arrayed in countless posters announcing these attractions.

From the more laid-back to the most boisterous party animal, the Sonar Festival has entertainment for everyone. Come and experience music in the sun and fun in the streets fueled by a throbbing beat that goes on all day and all night.