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Telluride Attractions

telluride attractionTelluride’s colorful history as a 19th century mining boom town is entertainingly depicted at the Telluride Historical Museum. Back in the late 1800’s when the town was founded, it was a wilder, rowdier place. The museum is housed in a building that was originally a hospital when it was built in 1896. Now, it has a surprisingly deep collection of some 9,000 artifacts. Additionally, the museum boasts 1,400 photographs, many of which show the town as it was in the days when Butch Cassidy robbed Telluride’s bank. The area’s mining history is exhibited in detail as is the lifestyle of the Ute Indians.

At 365 feet, Telluride’s Bridal Veil Falls is the tallest in the state. From Colorado Avenue’s east end, visitors can glimpse the falls. The water is frozen in winter and slowly defrosts in the spring. Either way, it’s a spectacular sight. At the crest of the falls sits the hydroelectric power plant which has been designated as a National Historic Landmark. The plant supplied power to the area’s mines during the 19th century.

Telluride and nearby Mountain Village are connected by a free gondola system that provides visitors with a unique perspective on the countryside. It’s 13 breathtakingly beautiful moments that deserve to be photographed. The gondola makes a stop at St. Sophia, where a Nature Center waits to be explored. The staff at the center are prepared to provide guests with information on area hiking, mountain biking and skiing. A stop here also affords an excellent view of Telluride below.

Telluride Town Park is in many ways a central attraction. During the summer, it’s possible to take in a concert, play Frisbee golf, swim in a pool and indulge in dozens of other fun activities. When winter hits, the action doesn’t slow down. The park features two ice skating rinks and a Nordic skiing trail.

The Telluride Ski Resort is the destination that attracts most visitors to the area. The slopes here consistently rank among the best in the country, and are considered to be the finest in the state. Approximately 300 inches of snow falls on the mountains each year, making 2,000 acres of ski-able terrain. The snow resort is also a haven for snowboarders. Even people not participating in snow sports will enjoy a visit to the resort with its many unusual boutiques and fine dining options.

Located about an hour outside of Telluride, the Anasazi Heritage Center offers a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the region’s ancient inhabitants. Hands on, interactive exhibits at the museum make this a singularly fascinating destination that is worth a side trip.