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Facts About Telluride

TellurideTelluride is one of the most popular ski areas and tourist destinations in Colorado. The city takes care of its locals and tourists, offering a public transportation system that features a gondola. This is the only system of its kind in the United States. Visitors to the area are often surprised at the lack of stoplights. The city doesn’t have any stoplights, and those who want to find a red light must travel nearly an hour away from Telluride.

Telluride has a quaint feel, due in part to the lack of restaurants and stores. All of the shops and restaurants in the city are locally owned, and the city has an official ban on any type of franchise or chain. The region is also home to Bridal Veil Falls, which stands 365 feet in the sky, making it the tallest free-falling fall in the state.

The city also has a few interesting historical footnotes. It once earned the nickname the City of Lights because it was the only city featuring streetlights that ran on electricity. The electric company specifically built an AC power plant to run those lights. While Telluride has a number of visitors every year, some of those visitors have nefarious ideas in mind. Butch Cassidy once stole more than $24,000 from a bank in the city.

Telluride ranks as one of the best ski resorts in the country. The mountain has more than 2,000 acres of terrain suitable for skiers and snowboarders and 120 trails. The longest trail on the mountain is the Galloping Goose, which runs for 4.6 miles. More than 20 percent of those runs are for beginners, while 36 percent are for intermediates and 41 percent feature a design best suited for experts.

The mountain has an elevation of more than 13,000 feet and a vertical drop of 4,425 feet. Even the base of the mountain has an elevation of more than 8,700 feet. Beginners shouldn’t worry though because there are many ways to reach the trails. The mountain boasts 18 gondolas, two magic carpets, two surface lifts and two double lifts. Small groups can also use the seven quads on the mountain, including two that can carry 12 people. The lifts can carry more than 22,000 people up the mountain every hour.

The high elevation of the city also affects the local airport. Airlines at the Telluride Regional Airport bring hundreds of travelers to the city every day, but some find the altitude of more than 9,000 square feet a little uncomfortable. Telluride is also home to some fun things like the Galloping Goose #101 bus. This is the only bus in the state that uses bio-diesel fuel.